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No One Awaits Us

مدتی هست که دنبال راههای تازه ای برای گفتن و شنفتنم. این شعرها فتح باب است و امیدوارم سر از کتاب و شاید  - کمی بلندپروازانه – ملودی دربیاورند به زودی.

?Have you ever feel so lonely
“When no one says “you’re my only
Just like the wind no one sees it
A past love your heart buries it

No one loves you
No one hates you
No one takes you
No one awaits you

It’s going to rain outside all night
There is no one here to hold me tight
Loneliness takes over me like a thunder
!?Who can save me from myself, Oh I wonder

No one loves me
No one hates me
No one takes me
No one awaits me

We’ll meet again someday somewhere
And we’ll have a lot to say and share
But until then let’s bare ourselves
like lonely books on dusty shelves

No one loves us
No one hates us
No one takes us
No one awaits us

Picture from Novel d’tales Weblog

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Just Think Of ME

All my life
I was waiting for you
Like a wish
!A dream that won’t come true

Now I realize
No matter what I have done
It’s autumn
And all the birds have gone

Just think of me and I’m with you
I will love you without a clue

In my mind
You’re beneath my skin
You’re not gone
…No! you’ve never been

In the sky
Wind beneath your wing
will you think
?Or care bout anything

Just think of me and I’m with you
…I will love you even without a clue

دسته‌بندی مطلب: English Poems